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MPC Cleaner: a excellent clean-up tool for everyone

Francisco Martinez         24 Jul 2015

From your system’s cache to the Windows registry, from plug-ins to Web traces, and from game files to system operation traces, your PC is constantly piling up unnecessary junk files that not only shrink your disk’s capacity but may also compromise your privacy. MPC (More Powerful Cleaner) has been designed to identify and eliminate all those unneeded files in the most efficient and easy way.

The program launches a thorough and deep scan of all your drives as soon as you open it. Junk files are nicely organized into clear categories, so you can know right away which areas of your PC activity produce the most junk and are exposed the most. Plug-ins, system cache, video and audio junk, game junk, social software junk, Web traces, Registry junk, etc., are some of these categories, and they are nicely complemented by other utilities that will help you protect your system and make the most of it. These are Security Protection and Speed Optimization.

All of these areas are thoroughly scrutinized by MPC Cleaner in seconds. You are then shown a full summary of your system’s health, and given the possibility of repairing all those issues in one go or one area at a time. Thus, all the issues found within an area are further classified into new categories, such as Temp files, Log files, Microsoft Products, System Patch, etc., which we can find in the System Cache area. Here you are told how many files are involved and how much space those files take up per category. All this information will allow you to decide which files go and which can stay.

One-click system clean-up is certainly MPC Cleaner’s main function, but – as mentioned above – there are other highly useful tools included in the program that will help you make the most of your system while keeping it as clean and as protected as possible. The Speed Optimization option is a one-click speed-up utility that performs all necessary adjustments on your system required to optimize services, schedule tasks, and other routines that may take up too many resources unnecessarily. Similarly, MPC’s one-click protection settings will protect your browsers and search engines from unwanted and unrequested changes, while blocking malicious software programs and websites from modifying your settings. This real-time protection mechanism will remain idle for as long as your computer is. Finally, SmartBalance will make sure that no background processes interfere too much on your overall system performance by dynamically adjusting CPU usage and processes’ priorities.

MPC Cleaner is a clean-up tool for everyone. Its attractive and modern interface, its fast scan process, its optimization utilities, and its clearly organized reports make it a tool worth considering when in search of a straightforward yet efficient junk cleaning tool.

Attractive and well-structured interface.
Covers all areas where junk files tend to accumulate.
Speed optimization features.
Checks your Web security.
Neat and clear junk categories.



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